Posted: 15 March 2014

Make it Count – Voting in an Era of Change

Election day today will be buffeted not just by windy weather, but also by the winds of change blowing through the Upper House, says Dignity for Disability Party Leader Kelly Vincent MLC. “Australia has seen huge changes in the Federal...

Posted: 14 March 2014

A Basic Right: d4d Releases Housing and Accommodation Policy

South Australia must do better to help our most vulnerable into good housing, Dignity for Disability Party Leader Kelly Vincent MLC said today when releasing her party’s housing and accommodation policy. “Adequate housing is a basic human right, but there...

Posted: 14 March 2014

A Voice for all at the Ballot Box: d4d Releases Policy for Electoral Reform

Ahead of tomorrow’s election Dignity for Disability has released a policy to reform South Australia’s electoral process. Focusing on making the voting process accessible to all eligible South Australians, the policy proposes reform through the introduction of new legislation. "The...

Posted: 13 March 2014

A Fitter not Fatter Future: d4d Releases Sport and Recreation Policy

Supporting activity and participation in sport for groups who are traditionally overlooked is at the heart of Dignity for Disability’s sport and recreation policy released today. "Sport is a big part of Australia’s culture and a great basis for people...

Posted: 13 March 2014

Wheels on the Bike make SA go Round and Round: d4d Releases Cycling Policy

Today Dignity for Disability releases a policy designed to make SA a world-leading cycle state. “South Australia has all the natural advantages needed to be a great cycling state,” said Dignity for Disability Party Leader Kelly Vincent MLC. “We have...

Posted: 13 March 2014

Money, Money, Money. For Good. – Dignity for Disability Releases Economic Policy

Embracing new industries and stopping government waste are the cornerstones of Dignity for Disability’s economic policy that was released today. “Dignity for Disability sees a bright economic future for South Australia if we embrace innovation and inclusivity,” said Party Leader...

Posted: 12 March 2014

More for Those who Need it Most – Dignity for Disability Launches Education Policy

Dignity for Disability today launched its education policy, which is designed to help the children who need it most. Party Leader Kelly Vincent MLC says the policy has a dual focus on providing better support for students with disabilities and...

Posted: 12 March 2014

Make South Australia A+ on Autism: Dignity for Disability Launches Autism Policy

Dignity for Disability today released a policy to improve the lives of South Australians with autism, anchored by the establishment of a state-wide autism plan. "South Australians with autism are at the mercy of a system that provides piecemeal support...

Posted: 11 March 2014

Let Life Live on the Limestone Coast – Dignity for Disability Launches Regional SA Policy

Prioritising sustainability in our state’s foodbowl and fair access to services are two key issues for the South-East and Limestone Coast highlighted in d4d’s regional SA policy released today. The practice of coal seam gas mining – known as fracking...

Posted: 11 March 2014

Yes to a Better Yorke Peninsula – Dignity for Disability Launches Regional SA Policy

A sustainable and collaborative approach to alternative energy generation and better delivery of essential services were identified as major issues for the Yorke Peninsula when Dignity for Disability launched its regional SA policy today. Plans to build Australia’s biggest wind...

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