Kelly Vincent was the Dignity Party representative in South Australian Parliament from 2010-2018. She was elected to the Legislative Council in 2010 in an event that made history.

She is the youngest woman ever elected to an Australian parliament and the first Australian to be elected on the platform of disability rights.

Kelly is passionate about the rights and needs of people with disabilities, and is also a keen human rights advocate. Around her political career she likes to pursue some of her other interests which include theatre and an endless crusade to fix grammar mistakes.

This is a photograph of Kelly Vincent enjoying a coffee on Leigh Street. In the photo she is smiling toward the camera and wearing a black jacket and grey scarf. She has short red hair, dark rimmed glasses, and bright red lipstick. In the background are some tables and chairs of a cafe behind her.
Kelly Vincent enjoying a coffee on Leigh Street
Born in the Adelaide Hills in 1988, Kelly has lived, worked and advocated in South Australia all her life.