Make it Count – Voting in an Era of Change

Election day today will be buffeted not just by windy weather, but also by the winds of change blowing through the Upper House, says Dignity for Disability Party Leader Kelly Vincent MLC.

“Australia has seen huge changes in the Federal Upper House after the most recent election,” said Ms Vincent. “People were dissatisfied with both the major parties – and votes went every which way.”

Dignity for Disability is encouraging South Australians to think carefully and research thoroughly before they cast their Upper House vote tomorrow.

“Smaller parties, like Dignity for Disability, represent an important part of the democratic system in South Australia and have proven to be a powerful voice for change over time,” said Ms Vincent.

“But voters need to be aware of who they’re voting for and what those candidates stand for. With so many minor party options it is even more important than before to take a look at the policies and positions of each party before voting.”

Ms Vincent described Dignity for Disability as a transparent choice because of their track record in Parliament and comprehensive policies published on the web.

“There is no misleading or spin from Dignity for Disability,” said Ms Vincent. “Our campaign is not about what others won’t do, it’s about what we will do. We are a ‘what you see is what you get’ party.”

“My four years in Parliament has been spent consistently applying our party position that every person deserves equal treatment and to have their human rights fulfilled.

“Like me, our number one Upper House candidate Esther Simbi, is committed to work with the government of the day to achieve practical solutions for South Australians with a disability, their family carers and supporters. Simply put, Dignity for Disability is a safe vote for a better South Australia.”