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Child Protection

Adjourned debate on motion of Hon. S.G. Wade:

That it be an instruction to the Select Committee on Statutory Child Protection and Care in South Australia that its terms of reference be amended by inserting the following additional term of reference—

1A. That the select committee further inquire into and report on—

(a) the government’s responses to the recommendations; and

(b) the implementation of the government’s responses to recommendations, including policy and legislation in respect of the following reports:

(i) the Review of Child Protection in South Australia;

(ii) Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry;

(iii) Commission of Inquiry (Children on the APY Lands);

(iv) Select Committee on Families SA;

(v) Report of the Coronial Inquest in the Death of Chloe Lee Valentine;

(vi) Child Protection Systems Royal Commission; and

(vii) any other relevant report.

The Hon. K.L. VINCENT: Very briefly, Dignity for Disability will support this motion moved by the Hon. Mr Wade. We understand that the intent is not to create a circus, is not to create unnecessary workload but to merely track the government’s progress on implementing the recommendations of previous reports to do with child protection, and we think that is a meritorious aim and will therefore be supporting this motion. We do not want to see more and more reports done into this area and other areas of importance only to sit on shelves gathering dust. We think that any measure we can take that is reasonable to track government progress in this area should be welcomed, and we welcome the motion.