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Our champion team!

Dignity Party MLC Kelly Vincent has announced the final lower house candidates, bringing to 34 the number of Dignity Party candidates contesting the state election. This is the largest campaign team the Dignity Party has ever fielded, and all are flying as one in support of re-electing Australia’s youngest ever woman MP, Kelly Vincent to the Parliament. 

“I’m so proud to lead this outstanding team of dedicated local campaigners. The Dignity Party is the small party that gets big results, and across the state we’ve gathered passionate candidates who are truly representative of the electorates we stand in,” said Ms Vincent.

“South Australians will have the opportunity, on 17th March, to vote for candidates who are as diverse as the voters themselves.  This election is a vital time for these voices to be represented in our parliament,” Ms Vincent said.

The candidates Kelly Vincent has announced include:

Lily Durkin, 19, of Ascot Park, Candidate for Badcoe. As a university student and with lived experience of disability, Lily’s campaign focus is youth issues, the implementation of SA’s Disability Justice Plan and human rights.

Donovan Cresdee, 61, Candidate for Hurtle Vale.  As a Deaf man, Donovan works as an AUSLAN instructor both privately and in the public education system.  Donovan became the first Deaf man from a culturally Deaf family to complete a doctorate of philosophy in applied linguistics. Donovan is a small business owner, partner and language teacher for Sign Language Australia.

Taylah Neagle, 20, Candidate for Bragg. As a sibling carer of her brother with autism, Taylah wants to ensure her brother has the same opportunities and independence she has as a young adult. 

Andrew Ey, 67, of Strathalbyn, Candidate for Heysen. Andrew’s campaign focus is a fair go for older people, people with disabilities and workers in the health, ageing and disability fields.

Tiffany Littler, 28, of Woodville, Candidate for Lee.  Tiffany uses a wheelchair and lives with cerebral palsy – her campaign focus is implementing universal design principles in the area to improve access for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Suzi Waechter, 43, of Valley View, Candidate for Florey. Suzi’s campaign personifies the determination of parents to access services and education for children with disabilities.

Anne Watkins, 75, of Fullarton, Candidate for Unley. Her campaign presents the modern face of our ageing society.  Anne is calling for decent health and community services for all.

Tim Farrow, 47, Candidate for Morialta.  An engineer, product manager and father of two, Tim wants to see innovation in the way South Australia does business, and a future for his children that offers STEM throughout their schooling.

Sandra Williams, 47, Candidate for Newland.  As a mother of two, including being parent carer of an adolescent with intellectual disability, Sandra is determined to see the NDIS working for people with disabilities and their families, and a justice system that is fair for all. 

Anna Tree, 42, Candidate for Reynell.  As a new mother, Anna wants South Australia’s public health and education systems adequately resourced to meet the needs of the community.  Having just given birth in a public hospital, she knows the importance of our public health staff, particularly midwives, that provide support to mothers and babies,” said Ms Vincent.