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Build it well – and they will come Universal Design Forum Adelaide

Dignity Party MLC Kelly Vincent will host the Designing and Building For All, Universal Design Forum in Adelaide on Thursday 26th October, 2017.


“I am hosting this event to build on my success in ensuring universal design principles are considered in South Australian planning law,” says Kelly Vincent.


“Universal design creates human-centred spaces that are easier for all of us to negotiate across our lifespan.


“In a nutshell, universal design means that whether you are learning to walk, moving furniture, wheeling luggage, a pram, a wheelchair, a bicycle or unpacking shopping, the built environment is easy to pass through.


“Universal design involves making small design changes that will enable older people to age safely in place. Creating beautiful buildings that incorporate universal design principles instead of requiring people to re-locate or retrofit to suit mobility needs as we age makes social and economic sense.


“South Australia has legislated for universal design principles to be considered in the public realm, now it is time to increase the understanding of what’s involved and what’s to be gained.


“Universal design offers an inspiring new frontier of design challenge.  I’m proud to be hosting this event in Adelaide, and welcome participants to share their ideas about how we can incorporate universal design for the benefit of all,” said Ms Vincent.


Event details:


Speakers include: Lord Mayor Martin Haese and Daniel Bennett, City of Adelaide; Ro Coroneos Lendlease (NSW); Kaare Krokene (Snohetta, Adelaide); Joe Manton (Victoria).


Designing and Building For All: Universal Design Forum Adelaide

Adelaide Convention Centre, Thursday 26th October 2017, 8.30am – 5pm