Kelly in the Media


Lainie Anderson | Sunday Mail

IF Premier Jay Weatherill isn’t this weekend mulling over a life after politics, he’s kidding himself.

In the wake of the Oakden ICAC report, it seems utterly implausible that Labor will seize enough seats to win government in its own right.

More crucially, the report is a massive blow to SA Best leader Nick Xenophon  and his plan to wheel and deal with both major parties if he holds the balance of power after March 17.

After reading it, I can’t believe Xenophon didn’t rule out any negotiations which might give Labor power for four more years.

The scandalous mistreatment of these vulnerable elderly citizens, coupled with an almost strategic ignorance on the part of government ministers, underlines why no political party should remain in power for 16 years – let alone 20.

Here are a few other observations: FORMER mental health minister Leesa Vlahos has been singled out for seeking to blame others and providing inconsistent, evasive evidence.

But let’s not forget the horrors of Oakden occurred under four other ministers, too. NURSES and other public servants need greater whistleblower protection to encourage reporting of abuse. And ICAC hearings should be public if the commissioner approves it.

DIGNITY Party’s Kelly Vincent has been a fantastic advocate for vulnerable citizens, but the odds are against her returning to the Upper House. If you want her voice in Parliament, vote for her.