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Medical Cooling Concessions: The Debate Heats Up

Kelly Vincent commends the Liberal Party on its commitment to implement a medical cooling concession if elected in 2014,  but says people in-need cannot wait that long.

The symptoms of people with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease are severely worsened by hot weather. Ms Vincent said the social and economic arguments for a medical cooling concession could no longer be ignored by the Labor Government.

“MS Australia estimates that providing a concession to 1300 eligible people would cost only $100,000 in the first year.  This is a pittance in the context of South Australia’s budget, but people with disabilities are, once again, being forced to wait and hope that they will be granted something which should be rightfully theirs,” she said.

“On average, people with MS have no choice but to leave their air-conditioning on seven times longer than the average household, or they risk side effects like loss of eyesight and unimaginable fatigue. This can result in an inability to tend to self care, which can lead to infection and even hospitalisation.

“If this government still thinks that air-conditioning is a luxury for these people, maybe it will give up a few football stadiums, oval developments and revamps of MP’s offices, so that we can trade one kind of ‘luxury’ for another.  After all people with disabilities have become experts at accepting compromise,” said Ms Vincent.