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Kelly Vincent – 5AA Interview on Zonta Club’s International Women’s Breakfast

Radio Transcript

5AA interview with Andrew Reimer

Andrew Reimer: Kelly Vincent you’ve just been up to Port Lincoln.

Kelly Vincent: I have, I spent 1.5 days up there in Port Lincoln because I was invited by the Zonta Club, to present at their International Women’s Breakfast, and it was great to meet with everyone there. But also to talk about some of the issues that are still affecting everyone in society but particularly women, people with disabilities, and I spoke about topics like barriers to employment for people with disabilities because we know that unemployment is a big issue for lots of people in the entire state, but for people with disabilities who face those additional stigma and barriers I think we need to make a really big concerted effort to address those. So it was great to talk about those issues and to meet up with a few constituents to talk about their local issues and particularly addressing things like physical access to the community including the beach. Of course Port Lincoln has some beautiful beach landscapes and a lot of people there want to see people with disabilities, elderly people and so on, more able to access those through the use of things like beach mats and also accessible playground equipment as well. So looking forward to helping hopefully see those things in Port Lincoln very soon. I think one of the things that’s really impressive about clubs like Zonta is even though their local work is so important and fantastic, they also have a global perspective, one of their projects is providing birthing kits to women in developing countries, and such fantastic people and I really congratulate them on that.

Andrew Reimer: What have you got happening in the coming week?

Kelly Vincent: I’ve got a very busy week ahead, tomorrow I’m presenting to the United Nation Conference for Young People where I’m talking about leadership and hopefully inspiring some young people to get involved in their local community, and then lots of constituent meetings throughout the week. So getting ready to go back and bring those stories and ideas back to Parliament.

Andrew Reimer: Alright, I’ll let you go. Thank you very much for talking to us tonight.