Kelly in the Media

Specialised Equipment to Promote Play

Published in The Guardian Messenger, page 14

NOVITA Children’s Services says specialised play equipment means children with a disability can “play alongside their peers”. “All children deserve the opportunity to enjoy outdoor play, but some traditional play equipment is inaccessible to children living with a disability,” general manager Terry Lyons said. “A sense of social inclusion is incredibly important for children living with disability.” Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent said there was a “definite need” for more wheelchair accessible play equipment. “It allows children to play with peers and friends and experience what most children get to experience,” Ms Vincent said. She said specialised play equipment would educate children about disabilities. “If a kid that hasn’t had experience with disabilities sees another kid in a wheelchair using a Liberty Swing, it helps break down barriers and misconceptions about people with disabilities from a young age,” she said.