Kelly in the Media

Kelly Vincent – ABC Adelaide Interview on young people with disabilities being housed in residential aged care facilities

Ali Clarke: Kelly Vincent has called.

Kelly Vincent: I think we often forget that people with disabilities also have an economic contribution to make to society. Of course when you’re in a nursing home, shut out from the community it’s going to be very hard for you to find work. So I think it’s really important to remember that even though people who are in this situation might have very costly and complex support needs, we do need to make sure that they can actually contribute to paying for some of those things through meaningful, paid work. And of course if you are a young person a nursing home is not a great place for you to be in terms of your mental health either because it can be very isolating and very different to what you would expect as a young person. So you may even end up needing even more support around your mental health as a result.

So even though this might seem like a cost-saving measure in the short term, to put people in group homes or aged care, I would argue very strongly and the Dignity Party would argue very strongly that in the long term they’re shutting people out from society and potentially impacting their mental health and missing out on their potential economic contribution as well; it’ll probably end up being more costly.


Ali Clarke: Kelly Vincent, thank you for your point of view there.