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ABC News – Funding Win

ABC News 16/12/2013 Funding win

Disability advocates say an Adelaide woman who has won a funding dispute that will allow her to be cared for at home should serve as a precedent for other cases. A 44yo faced life in an aged care home until today but the Premier promised the funds required for a carer. For Paul and Naomi Clarke the thought of being separated was heartbreaking.

(Paul Clarke, Husband, grab)

Paul: “She’s active, she’s outgoing. She lives life at 100 miles an hour so, to think that she’d be in a nursing home was just unthinkable.”

It clearly struck a chord with others too; 62,000 signatures were collected on an online petition delivered personally to the Premier this morning.

(Naomi Clarke, Disabled Woman, grab)

Naomi: “People have the right to live at home and feel supported. And feel safe. And that’s all were asking.”

The public pressure paid off with a funding commitment from Jay Weatherill for full-time care at home.

(Jay Weatherill, Premier, grab)

Premier: “We’ll work out a way for you to stay at home. We’ll work with you and your family to find out a way that can work.”

Until now Naomi Clarke received the maximum funding for 60 hours of care a week from Disability SA, but with respiratory problems too she needs full-time help and her carer husband has had to go back to work. She was facing a life in a nursing home until the Premier’s intervention.

(Naomi Clarke, Disabled Woman, grab)

Naomi: “We live happy ever after.”

Disability advocates say Naomi Clarke’s case isn’t isolated.

(Kelly Vincent, Dignity for Disability, grab)

Vincent: “It is good that we can open up the debate using this case as a case study, I guess, and open the debate and talk about the many other people who are facing this situation so that we can get the systemic change that is needed.”

Change that couldn’t come soon enough for Naomi and Paul.