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Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent Renews Push for Tougher Penalties Over Disability Parking Spots

Dignity for Disability MP has renewed her push for tougher penalties for people who park in disabled parking spots without a permit and also for those with permits who bend the rules about their use.

MP, Kelly Vincent says some selfish able-bodied drivers ignore the permit system to take up the car parks and the system’s also being rorted by people who have permits meant only for use when transporting disabled passengers.

She says more people with genuine disabilities are being inconvenienced in car parks and she’s told 891 Mornings something needs to be done:

“This is very much a safety thing and we need to send that message and that’s why I think a demerit point on top of the fine is a good place to start.”

“And any system is open to rorting unfortunately, it’s not unique to disability permits, but we do need to find a way I think to rein this in because there are many people who genuinely need permit parking spaces who do seem to be missing out.”

Ms Vincent says the State Government has previously expressed support for the proposal and suggested it could be done via regulation.